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Overcoming Fear in a Traumatized Horse: Magnum’s story

by Heather Binns

Magnum—a paint Clydesdale/Stockhorse cross gelding—came to live with us at the end of 2004. We had recently moved to a large property, and my plan was to get two horses to go on quiet trail rides through the forest. I’d had a lifelong love of horses, but my entry into horse ownership was much later in life, spurred by my daughter’s enthusiasm.

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Marketing your dog behavior consulting business without myths

By Kayla Fratt

“You can’t train a lion with force, so why would you do it with a dog?” I see this claim weekly on the Facebook pages of my dog training friends. It’s usually accompanied by a lovely photo or video of a lion, tiger, orca, or elephant calmly engaging in protected-contact husbandry care.

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