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Therapy Dogs: Preventing Stress and Fatigue, Promoting Welfare

By Melissa Schiraldi

In the past four years as executive trainer for the Good Dog Foundation, I have been witness to moments that have left me gratified, awed, deeply moved, and absolutely certain of the substantive healing capacity of therapy dogs in animal-assisted interactions. I have been humbled in the presence of parents being comforted following the recent loss of a child, and seen…

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A Personal History of Dog Training

By Susan Bulanda

I would like to introduce myself so that you can better understand the basis of this article. I became a professional dog trainer by 1961, at the age of 15. Prior to that I had studied dog training as best as one could in those days. I learned by training my own and neighbors’ dogs. At that time there were few dog magazines, no computers, and no internet. It was not easy to find material, and people as a rule were not in touch with each other.

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Rebecca Park Scholarship Winning Essay

Twice a year, IAABC holds a contest for a Rebecca Park Scholarship, which grants the winner a free place on the IAABC Animal Behavior Consulting: Principles & Practice online course. The following essay was the winning entry for Spring’s scholarship, and was written by Allison Hunter-Frederick.

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